Thermo-differential valve

Expected in 2019; the innovative Conico Direct Solar System!

The Conico Direct Solar System uses water from the heating circuit as the heat transfer medium in combination with vacuum tube collectors, which are protected from freezing through night circulation, for which a very reliable system has been developed that uses thermosiphon circulation as a back-up for pumped circulation. The Conico Direct Solar System uses the patented self-actuating Thermo-Differential Valve (TDV) to bypass the storage tank in the solar circuit, only opening the solar circuit to the storage tank when the temperature of the solar supply flow exceeds the temperature in the storage tank. This allows all the sensors of the solar system to be integrated into the pumping station (with regular ‘sampling’ circulation to determine the collector temperature) and allows heat for frost protection to be carefully dosed, so that the amount of heat lost for frost protection is kept to a minimum. Since the TDV reacts rapidly and switches very quickly (in less than 1 second), it also allows innovative control strategies to be implemented, such as the ‘collector-multi-pass strategy’, which allows the system to efficiently achieve the necessary temperature increase for DHW preparation in one pass through the tank (but with multiple passes through the collector), even in relatively low intensity conditions.

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