Hot water
systems for large heat pumps

A powerful system for reliable hot water

The Conico hot water system for heat pumps is a compact, efficient and legionella-safe system to generate hot water using your heat pump.

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Size reduction

The buffer size is typically 50% smaller compared to a standard buffer-tank, due to fast regeneration of the upper part of the buffer during hot water draw-off peaks.


More efficient

Smaller buffer-size, enhanced stratification and zoned charging by the heat pump reduce the electricity consumption of your heat pump by over 10%.

Legionella safe

On-demand generation of potable hot water (no potable hot water stored) in combination with smart circulation temperature control provide the highest level of legionella safety.

this system creates efficiency in terms of space, time and energy, by redefining the role of the buffer-tank in a heat pump system.

Portrait of founder Nico van Ruth
nico van ruth
Founder | Conico Valves

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