A powerful system

for reliable hot water and

reduced buffer size

A powerful system for reliable hot water and reduced buffer size

Save space and boost efficiency with Conico’s hot water innovation

Size reduction

The buffer size is typically 50% smaller compared to a standard buffer-tank, due to fast regeneration of the upper part of the buffer during hot water draw-off peaks.


More efficient

Smaller buffer-size, enhanced stratification and zoned charging by the heat pump reduce the electricity consumption of your heat pump by over 10%.

Legionella safe

On-demand generation of potable hot water (no potable hot water stored) in combination with smart circulation temperature control provide the highest level of legionella safety.

How it works

The Conico Hot Water System is a compact, safe and efficient solution for providing hot water from your heat pump system. Rather than storing the potable hot water itself, heat is buffered in the system water used by the heat pump, and potable hot water is generated on-demand using a plate heat exchanger, making the system inherently legionella-safe. The heat is buffered in our Turbo-Heat-Buffer, which uses a clever combination of self-actuating valves to divide the heat buffer into multiple zones, which typically doubles the effective buffer capacity, and improves the system efficiency by over 10%.

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