We're driving the next generation of heat buffers for heat pumps

Welcome to Conico, where innovation meets sustainability in heat buffering solutions for heat pumps. Our mission is to redefine heat buffers for large heat pumps with our innovative self-actuating valves for integration into heat buffers.

At Conico, we understand the importance of reliability, safety and durability in heating systems, with more than a decade of experience in the heating industry with our breakthrough Thermo-Differential Valve. Our products are carefully designed for endurance in demanding environments, and rigorously tested before market introduction, to ensure we meet and exceed service-life expectations.

Our innovative development team, led by founder Nico van Ruth, is continuously striving to advance the state-of-the-art in energy technology, as exemplified by the Thermo-Differential Valve and the Turbo-Heat-Buffer. Talented engineers with affinity for energy technology are encouraged to get in touch, to find out about possibilities to join our growing team.

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